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Beidh mé fhéin ag tabhairt aire do mo shuíomh fhéin!

I feel its time for me to keep you updated myself 

I have felt the privilege of food on the table , shelter 

and good health these days . As a result it has been a golden time . Nurturing a positive frame of mind and feeling excited about life and the infinite possibilities. 

Tá cumhacht ionainn ach teacht uirthi.....

mo rheas is mo bheannacht


Lets Do This Thing; New Album from Hot House Flowers available for download HERE 

Photo: Michel Petillo

Liam's albums are now available on Bandcamp. 
Both Rian and To Be Touched, Liam's two solo albums are currently out of print in the physical world but can be bought via artist selling site . 
Bandcamp allows artists to sell directly and recieve a far greater share of revenue from their music than larger digital selling sites and streaming sites. 
To visit Liam's page please click HERE
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